A Natick-based support group for those with a loved one suffering from Substance Use Disorder

SOAR Natick. We listen. We support.

Bi-weekly meetings at the

Morse Institute Library

14 East Central Street, Natick

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Join us for a special presentation by Dr. Potee about the physiology of addiction and how addiction is a brain disease. Her presentation will include information on the way the brain works and why certain substances - including opioids - are so appealing to the user once experienced by the brain.

Dr. Ruth Potee is a board certified family physician and addiction medicine physician at Valley Medical Group in Greenfield MA. In addition to practicing full-scope family medicine, she is currently the Medical Director of the Franklin County House of Corrections, the Franklin Recovery and Treatment Center and the Pioneer Valley Regional School District as well as Chair of the Health Care Solutions of the Opioid taskforce of Franklin County.

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