SOAR Natick, Inc.

is a 501c3 non-profit organization

Due to generous donations from members of the community, SOAR Natick has been able to sponsor a variety of events and activities:

Purple Flag Project  In recognition of International Overdose Awareness Day on August 31st, SOAR Natick and The Journey present a purple flag display in Natick Center. Volunteers place purple flags on the lawn of the First Congregational Church, Newton-Wellesley Hosptial and Brigham & Women's Hospital during the month of September to represent the number of Massachusetts residents who lost their life the prior year from an overdose. The Red flags represent lives lost in any year to substance use and can be personalized.

The Opioid Project  Ten community members affected by the Opioid Crisis came together to participate in an art project. An audio recording accompanies each art piece. The exhibit opened in 2018 at the Morse Institute Library and has been displayed throughout MetroWest.

Bereavement Retreat  SOAR Natick sponsors a weekend retreat for members of The Journey: Living with Substance Loss. Families have gathered on Cape Cod and Vermont in beautiful. peaceful settings. Structed programming and relaxing free time have been a welcome oppportunity to gather with others that understand the depth of each others loss. The group participates in activities such as yoga, meditation, massage and art projects.

Nick's Hike  SOAR Natick was proud to sponsor the Bellomo family for Nick’s Hike. Over 150 community members and friends gathered to hike at the Rocky Woods Reservation in Medfield  to celebrate Nick’s love of hiking and spending time in nature.

Six Flags  SOAR Natick sponsors young men from a local recovery home to a summer retreat.  Residents have chosen to go to Six Flags and enjoyed paint ball.

Natick High School  As an alternative to attending the prom, SOAR Natick has funded tickets and dinner for a group of Natick High School students to attend a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. The event was chaperoned by school staff.

Holiday 'Giving Bags'  Holidays can be a very difficult time, especially for young adults separated from their families. Community members and organizations assist by donating necessities for local individuals in early recovery. Gift bags are assembled by volunteers from SOAR Natick and delivered to local recovery homes.

Four Legs to Stand On  In 2019 we sponsored the presentation of this play highlighting the opioid epidemic through human stories followed by Q&A with the audience. The event was very well attended by community members and we are thankful to TCAN for their support in making this possible.

Natick High School Scholarships  Annually, SOAR Natick presents qualified graduating NHS seniors with scholarships totaling $3,000.

Grant Program  Annually, a total of $10,000 is offered to individuals living working on their recovery.  Through these grants we are able to provide financial assistance to  individuals for things like education, transportation, housing and medical costs.


Chris Herren  Mr. Herren has spoken twice at Natick High School to over 800 community members. Chris, a former all-star NBA Boston Celtics player, shared his story of his long struggle with addiction and his ultimate path to recovery.

Ruth Potee  In 2018 Dr. Ruth Potee presented to middle and high school students and their parents.  The topic was “Addiction is a Pediatric Disease”.  She spoke about how understanding teen drain development can help reduce the risk for addiction in adulthood.

Cory Palazzi  Cory, a local, young man in recovery from heroin addiction shared his story at Natick High School. This event was sponsored by SOAR Natick and funded by the Reddish Foundation.

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